See why your blogging efforts pay off in terms of SEO & more.Google loves fresh, unique, enticing, and informative content. It plays a big role in your positioning on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).  But if your website doesn’t change regularly, or at all, but your competitor does, then generally, they will rank higher.

If you want to be your industries authority, blogging can help you get there.

Gain Visibility and Build Relationships

Blogging helps build relationships with your readers, position your company as an industry leader, and provide new content for Google to index. Having your content indexed by Google will see your site getting more traffic. Businesses that include a blog on their website can receive up to 55% more traffic than businesses that don’t.

Improve your Ranking with Social Media

An easy way to improve your ranking is to connect your blog to your social media channels. In doing this, you’ll be giving search engines more to find and index. As long as you’re using appropriate search terms in both your blog titles and Meta Descriptions, Google won’t deem your content ‘less valuable’ and will serve it to the people who are searching for the topic you’re trying to rank for. Your blogs should be more than 300 words so that Google will recognise your business as an authority within the industry and rank you better as a result.

It IS a Popularity Contest

It’s worth putting time and effort into your blogs. If they are popular, Google will rank them higher in the SERPs. Think about who you are trying to talk to and keep your blogs relevant, informative, relatable, and insightful. The more readers of your blogs, the better your search rankings, so make sure you are providing real value.

What else do Readers and Google want?

  • Images – There’s nothing more off-putting than a wall of text. Break up what you have to say with relevant pictures, and you’ll not only provide your readers with a more enjoyable experience, but you’re also giving search engines one more thing to find when indexing your website. Just make sure that you name the images per the search terms or keywords in the blog and do the same for the alt-text. Alt-text is a description of what’s in the image for those who can’t see pictures on their computer screens.
  • Video – Similar to photos, videos provide you with more content to share with your readers. Keep in mind that they want unique content that’s relevant to their needs, so you need to make sure that you only include videos that serve a purpose. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Also, make sure that you tag your videos with the appropriate search terms and keywords, and tell your readers exactly what’s in the video, so they can easily find it in a search.



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