It’s now an indisputable fact that without fueling your SEO, your business blog will fail to produce the returns you’re looking for. As the goal of a blog is often to expand your audience, improve visibility and relationships, and directly increase sales, you do need to ensure that people can find your blog in order to have a chance of achieving your goals.

Fortunately over the last few years SEO has become a lot smarter, and it is much easier to balance a blog that focuses on what the customer actually needs, with the required features that boost SEO. The seven tips below can help boost your SEO and make sure that your business blog has you in the top rankings for your industry.

1. Research Your Keywords

While the days of fueling SEO merely by keyword stuffing are long gone, keywords are still a hugely important aspect of any page, and need to be properly considered.

While you may be aware of what keywords work for you, it never hurts to double check the terms you’re using with a keyword tool, to make sure that similar phrases aren’t much more searched for, and would massively increase your rankings. Making sure keywords only account for around 1-3% of your blog posts is also a good place to start.


2. Be Consistent With Your Posts

If your blog is rarely updated, your SEO will plummet. However, a blog that is constantly updated with frequent new posts will always appear higher in rankings that prioritize up to date websites that are clearly being maintained. This means you need to create a strategy and timetable and make sure you stick to it.

3. Hire a Qualified Editor or Proof Reader

Search engine crawlers now check for the quality of writing, which means that there is no room for spelling or grammar mistakes. These little errors can make a huge difference as search engine software assumes that badly written content is poor content, and they don’t want to promote it.

It’s easy to avoid suffering the consequences of these actions by hiring expert editors or proofreaders, who are available on various sites around the web. With UpWork or Freelancer, you can post an ad and interview candidates, which can be particularly helpful if you want to establish a long term partnership. However, if you’re looking for a more automated service, then you may be better suited to Big Assignments or Ox Essays, where the task is simply assigned to a professional.

4. Make the Most of Online Editing Tools

Sitting down to write can be an arduous task. While many business people are used to speaking publicly and persuasively, there is a huge difference when it comes to creative writing. While the task may sound daunting there are some great guides available with Academized that you can use to edit your work and make sure you’re using the right syntax and structure.

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5. Don’t Forget Headlines

The more popular a post is, the better the results for SEO. This is also true if you’re sharing content across social media and need to make sure you receive the most clicks possible, thus driving your post up search engine rankings. When you’re competing with millions of other websites, having a catchy headline is the best way to ensure your posts receive the attention they deserve.

6. Give Your Readers What They Want

Search engines now monitor whether someone clicks on your post, and later goes back and clicks on other options in the search results. When this happens to a post frequently, the result is terrible for SEO as the search engine assumes that the reader is not getting what they’re looking for. Providing the best possible service for your customers can therefore boost your SEO as well as your reputation.

7. Encourage Links

While you may need to start out by linking to other blogs, eventually they will start linking back, which is great for your SEO. You can also make the most of links by including some to previous posts if the content is relevant. Having links coming to and from your site makes you look legitimate and authoritative, and should be used wherever possible.

While SEO is more of an art that needs to be figured out rather than an exact science, the above seven tips are guaranteed to help fuel your SEO and help enhance your company’s online presence.


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