Google announced the launch of its first ever app dedicated to handling AdWords campaigns, and it is accessible worldwide for all existing AdWords clients.

The AdWords for Android app, which had an initial debut in Canada last month, lets advertisers monitor campaigns and gives advertisers the ability to manage their campaigns. The app’s iOS version said to be in the works.

The app brings a companion experience to running AdWords campaigns on the desktop with the ability to view campaign stats, update budgets and bids, get support from Google, and more. It will also bring real-time notifications for AdWords to Android devices.

android app for adwords management

With this app AdWords users can keep an eye on their campaigns from wherever they are and act on things that needs attention, such as commanding adult a bill that’s using out. The application opens to a dashboard containing an outline of your clicks, expenses, and changes. Also, users can analyze metrics segmented by ad group, day of week and device.

Google explains that this app is designed to alert users when an opportunity arises that they can act on. For example, if you can get more impressions by adjusting your bids, the app will let you know so you can make the changes right then and there.

If you would like to have the application, you can reach from Google Play as free.


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