Your first Adwords campaign can be very daunting, and all too often it is the nightmare stories that have put many people off from even trying.

This systematic 8 step approach will give you the confidence to proceed with an Adwords campaign, even if you have been burnt before. Once you have a bit of confidence it can be used to create successful AdWords campaigns time after time.


  1. Research Your Market

    Really this step should be completed before you create a decide on the products and or services your plan to promote. By going to search engines and searching for what others are promoting we can discover what the most popular types of products and services are.


  1. What Keywords Would You Use?

    When you have chosen your market, think about what search terms you would enter into a search engine, really think about what your customers would search to find your products and or services. Write down four or five to get started.


  1. Find More Keywords From Your Root Keywords

    Enter the four or five keywords created in the previous step into the Google Ads External Keyword Tool – Now take the list this site creates and paste them into notepad. You have a keyword list, which you will next use in step 6.


  1. Decide What Product You Are Going To Promote

    If you plan to promote a product, this is what you need to do. Using the root keywords created in step 2, type them into and study the existing Adwords promotions for those keywords to determine what keywords you should target. If you are promoting (or creating) your own product, you’ll need to do the same research to see what is most popular and click through the links to complete step 5.


  1. Decide What Kind Of Adwords Campaign To Run

    Take a look at how the advertisers are promoting their links. Do the links go through to a blog, a landing page, a review page or is it a direct link through to a sales page? The idea of doing this research is to differentiate yourself from other marketers. You will have to make sure that your website has a good landing page, with good information, so that visitors stay on your page. Also to make the most of the Adwords campaign, have an incentive for these visitors to join your mailing list, so that you can email them with more offers at a later date.


  1. Placing The Keywords In Your Succesful Adwords Account

    Now, using your keywords from step 3, enter them into your Adwords Account. Break them down into groups of 5 – 15 related keywords, so that they are easy to manage and the most relevant. Make sure that you add the word ‘buy’ to some of the relevant keywords and delete the word free, to help ensure that the right people click through to your ads.


  1. Set An Amount Per Day That You Are Happy to Spend

    Set your amount and stick to it. The key to working out this amount is to work out the lifetime value of a visitor to your site and how much you can afford to acquire them. Take this information to determine your budget and stick to it.


  1. Make The Most Of The Google Adwords Search Query Report

    Google have a really rather useful tool called the Google Adwords Search Query Report. After about a week, use this tool and it will show you exactly what people have typed into Google for your ad to appear to them. This review of your keywords will also enable you to keep the profitable keywords and ditch the unprofitable ones.


Adwords is a great traffic generation tool for businesses to get the hang of as it can generate targeted traffic and sales from day one. Once you get the hang of it, running a successful Adwords Campaign will be a breeze.

There are a lot of nightmare stories about how people overspend and end up with outrageous bills on their Adwords account, but this shouldn’t happen to you if you manage your Adwords campaigns well.

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Before you start it would be wise to read through all the free information provided when you join Adwords. Make sure you understand the workings of Pay Per Click before you attempt to even try it. If you would like to speak with our professional Google AdWords team, we will be able to help you to set up a successful Adwords Campaign.


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