While the power of social media can’t be overlooked, here’s an infographic that proves email marketing can often be very effective!

With there being so many options out there to spend those precious dollars, most marketers get caught up on in a dilemma over where to indulge for most successful results.

There’s especially a heated debate of the moment: a face-off between email marketing and social media – which one gets you a bigger bang on your marketing bucks? Answer: Both.

While, they each have their own pros and cons, it’s actually a question about how each should be utilized rather than, which is the better substitute for another. Because they are not. They provide completely different opportunities.

Email is a push medium where companies send our messages to encourage subscribers to take action, while social media gives you a chance to attain real-time virality, great publicity through noteworthy acts of customer service, establish brand personality, expand user base and achieve recognition far and wide.

Bottom line: Smart marketers don’t stick to doing one over the other but rather focus on doing both – effectively.

With that established, here’s an interesting infographic courtesy, Devesh Khanal, which puts into perspective the incredible power of email marketing and its ability to motivate subscribers to convert.

It underlines the importance of growing your email list and the supremacy of email marketing in comparison to social networks by showing crazy statistics to persuade you.

Give it a look:

If you are not spending enough time on email lists, this can be a potentially tragic mistake that can cost you a lot of sales. So don’t hesitate to harness the incredible power of email marketing.

But hey, don’t make your social game suffer as a result. That’s right, no biases here!


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